Get Your Camera Ready To Start Work Again

Free Firmware Upgrade With Every Clean & Check Up

Sony FS7 M2

Limited Time Only – Ends 31st August

Book your camera in for a Clean and Check and get your Firmware updated for free. See list below for latest firmware. Don’t see your camera listed? Please call to check to see if you are running at the latest firmware.

Current Firmware Versions:

Model Version
PXW-FS7                                 4.32
PXW-FS7MKII                                   1.23
PXW-FS5MKI                                     4.03
PXW-FS5MKII                                   1.01
PXW-FX9                                            1.04
VENICE                                              5.02
AXS-R7                                               5.00
PXW-X180                                         4.10
PXW-X200                                         2.70
PXW-X400                                         5.01
PXW-X500                                         7.01
PXW-Z150                                         2.02
PXW-Z190                                         3.10
PXW-Z280                                         3.10
PXW-Z450 5.01
PMW-500                                            1.62

Clean & Check

The workshop will check your camera for functionality and give it a clean inside and out.

Service Includes:

  • Exterior clean.
  • Basic optical clean.
  • Check of all video inputs and outputs.
  • Check of all audio inputs and outputs.
  • Firmware version check, and update if required.
  • Overall function/ condition check.

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