Repairs Walk-In Centre

Repairs Walk-In Centre

Need a quick repair?

Top-Teks are introducing a walk-in service for minor repairs on selected days

£50 for a half hour consultation – if your item can be fixed in that half hour no other charges will apply!*

Please check below for dates and times

Terms and Conditions apply

Our next repair walk-in day is:

Monday 5th August

9am – 1pm

3pm – 4.30pm

Terms & Conditions

  • Consultations are on a first come first serve basis, no appointments are offered.
  • Consultations will be of a thirty minute duration.
  • One item per customer per consultation.
  • If an item cannot be repaired within the thirty minute period, then the repair can be booked in for further work to be carried out in normal business hours. Normal chargeable rates will then apply.
  • Where possible, customers will be advised if a repair is not possible within the allotted time, before a consultation commences.
  • Consultations will be available from 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 4.30pm.

*Consultation fee does not include the cost of any spare parts that may be required.