Kino Flo Celeb 450Q Louver-Honeycomb, 60°

£136.08 ex.VAT | £163.30 inc.VAT

Kino Flo Honeycomb louver, 60° for ParaBeam 400 series lighting fixture.



Product Description

The Kino Flo high grade plastic Honeycomb Louver controls and focuses the light which narrows the light spread with minimal light loss.

A 60° Honeycomb Louver is available as an accessory and is the most popular add on to the Celeb fixture/kit which comes with the 90° as standard.

The 60° Honeycomb offers that extra bit of control necessary to contain light spill.

Honeycomb Louvers are available in 90°, 60° and 45°. They provide great beam control and for the most part eliminate the need for barndoors.

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