Vinten Pedestal Osprey Plus S (OB) Ex Demo

V4171-0002 Vinten Pedestal Osprey Plus S
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About the Vinten Pedestal Osprey Plus S (OB)

The Osprey Plus S (OB) is a fully steerable version of the Osprey Plus and is capable of hanlding any payload up to 70kg / 155lb. It has 2 stages for achieving very high and low shots, and the upper stage is perfectly balanced for on shot tracking of talent. It has an integral manual pump and an inlet valve for use with an external supply, making Perfect Balance easy to achieve. There is a storage area for the camera operator. In addition, the Osprey Plus pedestal includes a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up and the detachable skid allows the pedestal to be simply broken down into two sections for easy storage and transportation. It has a selector for both single wheel and all wheel crab steering for working in tight spaces and on shot direction changes. It comes with 16cm / 6.3 inch wheels for greater ground clearance in outside broadcast applications.

  • Upper stage perfect balance for on-shot performance
  • Balance assisted second stage for easy elevation and extended height range
  • Full crab and steer facilities controlled from a central steering ring for enhanced manoeuvrability and on-shot steering
  • Built in pressure gauge and manual pump for easy counterbalance set-up
  • Detachable skid for easy transport and storage
  • Wheel rim braking mechanism eliminates tyre flat spots for super smooth rolling shots
  • Pedestal supplied with Quickfix quick release system & operator storage area
  • Column can be adapted to work on dolly track
  • Osprey Plus S Pedesal with Quickfix
  • Steerable skid
  • OB wheels and trim weights
  • Accessory Holder