Kino Flo Celeb LED 450 DMX Center Mount Universal 230U

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Kino Flo Celeb LED 450 DMX Center Mount Universal 230U developed using the latest technology to conform to Kino Flo’s highest standards – cool, color-correct, flicker-free and dead quiet.



Product Description

The Celeb range sits at the top of the LED market where it sets the standard in color quality, functionality and build quality.

Kino Flo’s new innovative Celeb 401 DMX LED is a soft, cool LED ideally suited for today’s growing demands for energy efficient, portable, yet color-correct LED lighting.

Celeb was developed using the latest technology to conform to Kino Flo’s highest standards – cool, color-correct, flicker-free and dead quiet, which is what sets the Celeb apart from all other LED’s.

Beside the compact, sturdy design (114,5cm x 36cm x 13cm) and the ability to run it from battery (18V-28V) or at 100-240VAC, the Celeb comes with a built-in DMX Lumen Radio receiver. With the use of a Lumen Radio transmitter (sold separately), the Celeb 401 can be operated DMX wirelessly as an alternative to DMX cables.

The Celeb’s slim profile is lightweight and mounts onto a junior stand or can be hung from a grid with a junior pipe clamp

LED Technology
As with all Kino Flos, the Celeb’s soft, lustrous color has been specially formulated to match the spectral distribution curves of HD film and video cameras. With a high photo rendering index (PRI 95), the Celeb operates coolly and flicker-free, even while dimming, and maintains its True Match® color temperature without any color shift.

The Celeb is the most controllable LED Softlight in the market.

1. Color Temperature

There are 5 Kelvin factory preset buttons: 2700K, 3200K, 4500K, 5500K and 6500K.

Rotating the adjustment knob will change the Kelvin to custom settings between 2700K and 6500K in steps of 100K.
By pressing the rotating knob you shift from coarse to fine increments.
Now you can fine tune your Kelvin setting even more precise.

Custom settings can be stored in any preset button and recalled at any time.
By pressing the reset button for 5 seconds the settings will reset to factory defaults.
Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings.

2. Light intensity

The Celeb offers a full-range dimming from 100-0% without any color shift.

3. Light Control

The Celeb has a 160° beam angel and comes with a 90° Honeycomb Louver.
The Kino Flo high grade plastic Honeycomb Louver controls and focuses the light which narrows the light spread with minimal light loss. A 60° Honeycomb Louver is also available as an accessory.
Barndoors are sold in sets of 4. They are designed so that they can be individually mounted.

Heat Management Design

No fans, dead quiet, all passive cooling.

For Kino Flo, heat management is a critical design element of fixture design. The physical heat or buildup heat within the LED fixture will directly influence the color temperature, lumen performance and life of an LED.
The Celeb’s unique design operates coolly, consumes very low energy and is properly ventilated to maintain a stable color temperature.
A well maintained temperature extends the lumen maintenance, color temperature and life of an LED.

Celeb makes a great tool for rigorous everyday use in any studio environment or on location.

This is a range of equipment that will give you great results on camera, added to this you can also expect years of reliable service and great residual value.

 All-in-one Design

The Celeb 450 LED DMX is comprised of a rugged metal alloy fixture which includes state of the art electronics with onboard and DMX dimming and runs universally at 100-240VAC.  With three menus, White and two Color menus, presets can be fine-tuned to custom settings from 2700K to 6500K in the white menu and custom settings from 2500K to 9900K in the color menus.  In the white menu, the user has access to Green/Magenta control.  In the first color menu, there are three additional channels, GelsHue Angle and Saturation.  In the second color menu, the user has access to individual Red, Green, Blue (RGB) control which works great with Apps with predetermined RGB presets or color wheels.

Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings and there is no color shift while dimming.  With its slim profile design, the Celeb LED includes a removable honeycomb louver.  The molded corner accessory holders can also be used as a 4-point rope hang.  With wireless capability, the Celeb 450 LED can be operated DMX wirelessly as an alternative to DMX cables. The all-in-one design with universal VAC and DMX operation makes the Celeb 450 LED a versatile and portable tool whether it’s in the studio or on location.

Center Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op

The versatility of the Center Mount design allows 360° of unrestricted mounting.  The junior pin lollipop can mount directly onto a
junior stand or hang from a grid with a junior pipe clamp.  The Yoke Mount fixture includes a welded alloy yoke bale offering unlimited orientation of fixture movement to focus the light when lighting from a grid.  The Pole-Op Yoke includes an attached junior pin and offers advantage of lighting from a grid and eliminating the need for ladder access or costly automated rigging and hoist systems.

Long LED Life

Rated lifetime is up to 50,000 hours.  With its long LED life, the Celeb’s unique design maintains its color-correct color temperature.

True Match® Color-Correct

As with all Kino Flo products, the Celeb 450 LED has been specially formulated to match the spectral distribution curves of today’s HD film and video equipment.  The Celeb LED has a high color rendering index of CRI 95.  Even while dimming, the fixture is flicker-free and without color shift.

Cost Savings

Cost savings attributed to the Celeb 450 LED cover a broad range of concerns:

  • Low energy costs
  • Less heat so low air conditioning expenses
  • No gel replacements because of low heat

Energy Savings Calculations

With the push for reducing fossil fuel consumption, TV studios are looking at cooler more efficient lighting systems to reduce the costs and save energy.  Part of this process involves generating energy values to determine savings.  One of the most important values is Btu/kWh.

British Thermal Units per Kilowatt Hour

Any light generates a percentage of usable light and the rest in heat.  For example, a standard incandescent light bulb converts only 11 percent of its electrical input into visible light, while the rest is dissipated directly as heat.  There are energy costs involved in cooling the studio environment.  The measure of Btu/kWh is a means of calculating the thermal loads related to operating lighting.

Use the following information to calculate Btu/kWh Watts to Btu:

1 kWh = 3413 Btu/Hr
1 Watt = 3.413 Btu/Hr
3.413 Btu per Watt-hour.




Celeb 450
• Dial-in color temperature control between 2500K-9900K
• Kelvin presets
• Green/Magenta Control
• Kino Flo Color presets (such as Sodium Vapor, Blue and Green Screen and more.)
• Over 100 well-known lighting gels
• Vibrant Color Selection (RGB+WW Color Gamut)
• Full color control through Hue Angle and Saturation control
• Preset buttons can be used to store custom Kelvin and color settings
• Color-correct with high color rendering index (CRI 95)
• No color shift while dimming
• Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings
• Flicker-free, dead quiet operation
• Full range onboard and DMX dimming
• DMX wireless link (Lumen Radio)
• DMX Auto Terminate
• Universal input 100VAC-240VAC

Power consumption
• 231 Watt
• Energy efficient draws less than 1.1A/240VAC
• Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC

• Centre Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op
• Mounts to stand or can hang easily from a grid
• Accessory moulded corners also used for four-point rope hang

• Honeycomb louver also available in 60°
• Barndoor Set (sold in sets of 4)


Power: 1.1A/240v
Input: 100VAC-240VAC
Wattage: 231W
Dimensions: 114.5 x 36 x 13cm
Weight: 12kg


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