Fujifilm has been engaged in the development and production of TV Lenses for over 50 years. FUJINON TV Lenses have supported image creation creation throughout the world. All FUJINON lenses are intentionally designed keeping in mind the optical, mechanical and electronic requirements of visual creators.

Fujifilm serves people’s needs through their diverse range of innovative products and are superheading the solutions that will drive tomorrow’s industries.

Top-Teks is proud to be the first supplier of the groundbreaking Fuji HKZ 25-1000mm Large Format Box lenses in the UK. These lenses, introduced at Inter-BEE last year in Japan, revolutionised the broadcasting world by offering the first-ever Broadcast Box lens designed for both Super 35 and FF cameras.


The HKZ lens provides exceptional coverage for Super 35 cameras, with a focal range from 25mm to 1000mm without extender, and can also be used on FF sensors with the built-in 1.5x feature. With the growing popularity of large format cameras in live events, developing a Broadcast-style box lens with image stabilisation was crucial, eliminating the need for complex and lengthy cinema zooms.

Livewhire, our valued customer, is the first to experience the incredible capabilities of the Fuji HKZ 25-1000 lens, taking a number of units. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our latest technological advancements.



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