Sony announce plans for a new CineAlta Camera

Sony announce they are developing a new sensor – By Mike Thomas

Sony announced at their Cine Gear Press Conference that they are well under way with the development of a new Sensor. It is a Full Frame 24 x 36 sensor which they describe as Aspect Ratio Agnostic! They have confirmed it will be capable of full frame, Super35 4K 4-perf, 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9 capture. Sony have said it will capture wider latitude and have more dynamic range than current sensors. Pure speculation but I’d assume at least a 6K sensor, probably 8K and capable of some pretty scary frame rates if they use some of their recently developed technology.

Giving some expected camera specifications, it will be compatible with Sony’s accessory range for the F5 and F55 such as the R5, R7 and viewfinders (you can take a guess at the build format), they are going to great lengths to get the menu structure and interface correct. They have been taking advice from many industry professionals and this has been under way for some time.

The Full Frame sensor means the camera will be able to use lenses that already exist in the market plus new developments such as Cooke’s S7i range of Primes. I’d guess the camera would be FZ mount as this would enable user to adapt to Full Frame Stills lenses which a Native PL would exclude.

Recording Formats are as you would expect. XAVC and with the R7, XOCN and RAW.

Sony have said they will start delivering the new Camera early 2018 and hopefully they will have it at IBC this September.

Sony have always been the experts in developing the best sensors. This camera marks their intent to take the middle to high end market, and while Arri failed to show their new camera at Cine Gear, you can expect some frantic activity in their camp and Red’s!

By Mike Thomas, Director, Top-Teks Ltd