Sony VENICE V3.0 Is Here!

Major Functions Updated in Version 3.0

Added imager modes

The following two new imager modes have been added:
6K 2.39:1 (when Full Frame License is installed)
5.7K 16:9 (when Full Frame License is installed)

New high image quality profile X-OCN XT

X-OCN XT, which provides higher image quality than X-OCN ST, is now supported for the X-OCN recording format.

Added De-Squeeze ratios 

When an anamorphic License is installed, additional De-Squeeze ratios 1.25x, 1.3x, 1.5x, and 1.8x can now be selected. This can be applied to SxS recording and VF/Monitor/SDI output (options available will vary depending on the imager mode).

Added Cache Rec function

The Cache Rec function can now be selected during either AXS standalone recording or SxS standlone recording.

Added AXS Relay Rec function 

Relay recording using the two slots on an AXS-R7 is now supported during AXS standalone recording.

Added simultaneous recording format

  • Simultaneous AXS recording (RAW/X-OCN) and 4K XAVC-Intra recording to SxS memory is now supported.
  • ProRes 422 Proxy can now be selected in Sub Rec Format at the same time as 4K XACV-Intra recording.

Added SxS recording folder structure selection 

The name of the root folder for SxS recording can now be set to the existing “XDROOT” or to “Cam ID + Reel#” format (same as AXS recording)

47.952 fps support

47.952 fps can now be selected as the project frame rate for AXS recording in 4K 4:3 and 4K 17:9 modes.

6G/12G SDI output support 

4K transfer is now supported using a single SDI cable by selecting 6G/12G as the 4K SDI output (47.952 fps not supported).

Improved imaging assist functions

  • The false colour function can now also be applied to the SDI Monitor output. The number of identification colours has been increased to ten, and the display levels are now adjustable.
  • A Flip function (horizontal invert function) can now be selected. The VF/Monitor/SDI output image and SxS recording image can be flipped.

Network function 

  • Control from a web browser on a tablet or smartphone, similar to using a wired LAN, is supported by connecting a CBK-WA02 Wireless LAN Adaptor.
  • Configuration of full menu settings from the web remote control screen is now supported (although some items are not configurable).

Improved operations 

  • When a DVF-EL200 is attached, viewfinder related menus (VF Display and VF Function) are displayed on the viewfinder screen, and the corresponding functions can now be configured using the Menu button and SEL/SET (enter) dial of the DVF-EL200.
  • The on-screen display (OSD) Status Info and Frame Line settings for each output have been simplified. Menu operation: Monitoring > OSD Appearance

Other functions

CDL files (*.cdl) created using external tools can be imported and applied to the Look.