New Firmware Upgrades For Sony Cameras

22nd Apr 2021

New Firmware Upgrades For Sony Cameras

April 21st saw an avalanche of releases from Sony. Here is an overview of what's coming.

Planned for next month Firmware upgrades for the  FX6 and FX9 to support 4K 120P RAW to go to an external recorder. Later this year the long awaited V3.0 for the FX9 featuring Anamorphic Support for 2x and 1.3x desqueeze along with Cinemascope Frame lines in the VF. Addition of S700PTP control to allow the FX9 to be controlled by a Sony RCP and centre Scan to support Super 16 and B4 lenses.

A firm statement that later this year we will see the addition of a Super35 4K HDC Camera complete with Global Shutter. This has long been rumoured and to be honest we weren’t expecting an official announcement until later this year but now we are told it will start shipping in 2021.

The  PXW-Z750 Camcorder gets advancements to it’s Picture Cache recording time next month with V3.0 firmware update.

The  PXW-Z280 is given 120fps HD later in the year with enhanced cloud capability.

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