Using Sony FX6 in Cold Weather - Siberia Documentary

Posted by André Costa on 8th Feb 2022

Using Sony FX6 in Cold Weather - Siberia Documentary

A little Sony FX6 review by André Costa on how it went shooting with the FX6 in Siberia with -25° weather conditions. André Costa is a photographer and cinematographer based in Innsbruck, Austria. You can see his work on his  website and instagram

I am a really uncareful person using gear, cause in the mountains there is not much time, and the riders cannot stand and wait forever. With that being said I really trusted the camera that it would withstand the harsh usage, the snow and cold, which it did perfectly! No moisture got into the camera at any stage. And all the buttons worked flawlessly. The only minor problem I had was when the lens locking button froze, and the lens would not click in anymore. But after a few hits on the button, the button popped back up and worked again.

In regard to batteries, they performed astonishingly well. The battery lasted surprisingly longer than I imagined. I had no problems at all, even with the smaller one from Sony, lasting almost half day of shooting (not constant running). I used the 60 most days.

Regarding the monitor, the lagging image was surprisingly minor. It never got so bad that I couldn’t use it anymore, partly because I always put the fx6 back in the backpack and it had time to reheat itself. But what really annoyed me was the round hinge the monitor is attached to. The amount of tightness you can put on the fixation is limited, due to the cold temperatures it always slides around and was never really solid in place. That’s the reason I put 2 pieces of tape on each side so it wouldn’t slide down.

Overall, really happy with the fast workflow and ability to use it without many concerns.

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