Winter and V3.0 for the FX9 Is Coming!

Posted by Mike Thomas on 17th Sep 2021

Winter and V3.0 for the FX9 Is Coming!

Back in May we got V2.1 which allowed 120fps QFHD RAW output from the XDCA-FX9. This coming November we have V3.0 with a whole list of new features!

S700 Protocol over Ethernet

This will allow an FX9 to be controlled by a Broadcast Remote Control Panel enabling remote colour control.

B4 Lens Support

Three new features allow this. The LA-EB1 lens adapter allows a B4 lens to be put on the camera with a 12-pin lens port to enable all the lens features. S16 scanning mode at up to 180fps in full HD. ALAC function, Sony’s Auto Lens Aberration Correction.

Assignable Center Scan

The Centre Scan mode to be made accessible on an assignable button so you can punch into a scene live, doubling your focal length.

Anamorphic Lens Support

De-Squeeze will be available in the Viewfinder for 1.3x and 2.0x. De-Squeeze is not available on the SDI or HDMI outputs, but there are monitors available with his feature.

SR Live for HDR Metadata Support

Is Sony’s system for creating simultaneous SDR and HDR Live Productions. SR Live Metadata packet stores 26 parameters, describing creative decisions and camera adjustments made by camera operators during production. Embedded within the SDI signal, this metadata provides information to allow exact duplication of the SDR programme from the HDR layer. This is available even if conversion from HDR to SDR takes place at a later stage in the production process at the broadcast station. It also allows metadata parameters to be checked visually, both live and during post-production.

Clip Naming

Clip names can be assigned that are prefixed by a camera ID number and a reel number.

Real-Time Tracking

Touch tracking for Auto-Focus on the LCD Viewfinder

Recording Proxy Clip Real-time Transfer

The live transfer of proxies to an ftp server whilst you are recording.

Camcorder Network Setup using Smartphone App

Changing the camera Network settings such as FTP server addresses and passwords via a smartphone.

Remote Control Via a Smartphone / iPhone tethered by USB

Basically, what it says on the tin plus you can use the device as a modem for streaming or uploading.

There are a few more features coming with V3.0 but we still have a couple of months to tell you about them! 

Version 3.0. will be released end of November. You can see a full list of features for the Sony FX9 by taking a look at our product page today