What does Monitoring in HDR mean?

Posted by SmallHD on 10th Nov 2021

What does Monitoring in HDR mean?

This blog is for anyone who is interested in transitioning into an HDR workflow or anyone who wants to learn more about HDR technology in general. We teamed up with professional Colorist and HDR expert, Sam Bilodeau, so that he could shed some light on the topic of monitoring in HDR as well as using different exposure tools in LOG & HDR.


“While getting HDR around your production is slightly more complicated than distributing SDR, it’ll allow you to understand how your audience is going to experience the content you’re so carefully and intentionally creating. You’ll be able to feel the realism and power in the images you’re crafting as you craft them and be able to elevate your content into the format of the future.”, said Sam Bilodeau.


In this video, Sam takes a deep dive into the most popular exposure tools for an HDR image. He walks you through waveform monitors, histograms, zebras and false color in HDR. Sam also goes into the intuitive and unique PageOS 4 platform that makes using these tools easy. “I’ve found in my experience shooting for HDR that a good set of exposure tools will help you capture cleaner images for HDR. When I, or the people I’ve worked with, have used these tools the way that we would for SDR, the image has suffered in the HDR mastering process, often because of overexposing the midtones and clipping the whites.”

Check out the video below to learn more about How to Read Exposure Tools in Log & HDR:

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